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Clonet – your partner in developing climate business

Smaller carbon footprints

We provide tools and consulting services for carbon footprint and carbon handprint measurement and emissions reduction:

  • Customized carbon footprint calculators
  • Carbon footprint calculations for organizations, products, services, or events, setting emission reduction targets, evaluating emission reduction measures and compensation options
  • Calculation of positive carbon handprints
  • Carbon neutral products and services in cooperation with CO2esto

We have helped, among others, Novita and Hyria to determine the carbon footprints of their organizations, as well as Finlayson and Lindström in calculating the greenhouse gas emissions of selected products. Together with Varova, we implemented an -based emission calculator for transportation services.


Training and co-creation

We help you to strengthen your company’s responsibility and innovation capabilities:

  • Trainings for management teams and personnel related to sustainabiy, climate issues and carbon footprint calculations
  • Planning and organizing idea challenges and innovation competitions
  • Organizing innovation workshops for internal and external stakeholders

For example, we have provided Lindström staff with LCA and carbon footprint calculation training and helped Adven to organize a carbon handprint challenge for environmental engineering students at Lappeenranta University of Technology.


Responsible business

We help companies to develop climate business:

  • Sustainability or climate strategy development and management workshops
  • Frameworks and criteria based on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Development of new low-carbon and climate-neutral business concepts

Among others, we have helped IVALO.COM to develop a sustainability framework for fashion to their online marketplace.


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