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A strong team


Sari Siitonen

Sari is the founder and CEO of Clonet Oy. Sari has a Dr.Sc. Tech. degree from Aalto University and Executive MBA degree from Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics.

Sari has more than 20 years of experience in the energy field. She has been involved in emissions reduction and sustainable development throughout her working life. She has previously worked in the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) as a director of sustainable business and as a vice president at Gasum, responsible for strategy and corporate responsibility.

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Anna Gaib

Anna works as a Manager of Sustainability Services at Clonet. Her areas of expertise are sustainability issues, developing climate-friendly business, and international politics. Anna is also part of the development and administrative team. She holds a master’s degree in Administrative Sciences.

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Roosa Jaakkola

Roosa works as the manager of the carbon footprint services and sales at Clonet. Roosa has 5 years of experience in corporate responsibility and emissions accounting in the energy sector. Roosa has a master’s degree in philosophy and has studied environmental change and policy at the University of Helsinki.

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Beda Rasinen

Beda works as a Sustainability Specialist at Clonet Oy. Prior to Clonet, Beda has worked as a responsibility expert in the textile industry.

Beda is in the final stages of Aalto University’s Master’s program in Creative Sustainability and is researching circular economy entrepreneurship in her master’s thesis.

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Lotta Siitonen

Lotta is in charge of contract and contract management at Clonet. Lotta is a Bachelor of Laws and studies law at the University of Lapland for the fourth year.

In addition to corporate law, Lotta’s field of expertise includes environmental law. She is also interested in mitigating climate change and sustainable development in general.

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Markus_Korhonen - Copy

Markus Korhonen

Markus is responsible for Clonet’s service development and works on carbon footprint platform development.

Markus is a fourth-year student of computer sciences at the University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu. In addition to ICT, he is interested in business and he studies management and marketing in his minor.

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Mikko Välisalmi

Mikko is a service developer at Clonet. He is responsible for developing the Carbon Footprint Platform and performing carbon footprint calculations. Mikko is a second-year student in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management at Aalto University.

In addition to economics, he is interested in sustainable development, in particular the reduction of the carbon footprint of the food chain and the business models of circular economy.

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Anna Heinsalmi

Anna is a digital marketing and communications expert. She is the founder and Managing Director of Huisi Business Oy. Anna is a Master of Arts with more than 20 years of experience in various marketing and communications roles.

In collaboration with Anna, we are developing internal and external communications related to climate-friendly business and digital marketing of the carbon footprint platform. Anna is a member of the sales team.

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Elias Hämäläinen

Elias is an expert in software and application development. He is a bachelor of Engineering in software development from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. He has more than 10 years of experience in .NET, #C, modern web frameworks and Azure. He founded Quantum Code in 2015.

Elias has programmed the service provided by Clonet and he is also a member of the development and administrative team.

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Jarkko Lemetyinen

Jarkko is a professional in graphic design and marketing. He is the founder and CEO of Katse Design Oy. He is an AD withs 20 years of experience in designing of marketing communications for various industries.

Jarkko’s core competencies include corporate and product identity design, as well as website and marketing design and layout design. Among other things, Jarkko has designed the corporate identity of Clonet and the designs of and

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Paula Makkonen

Paula is a multi-talent expert in business development and corporate financing and funding. She is a partner of Ejerco Oy. She has a PhD in economics and she is also an environmental management engineer.

Paula has been involved in the strategic and development work of more than 200 companies in recent years, including planning and execution of project financing. Cooperation with her covers the projects related to environmental strategy and climate-friendly business development. Paula is a member of the sales team.

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Mari Tuomaala

Mari is one of Finland’s top experts in renewables-based energy system and circular economy. She is the founder of 3E Energy Oy and holds a PhD in Technology.

Mari has over 20 years of experience in the energy business. She has an extensive scientific network and strong knowledge of emission reduction technologies, incl. power-to-X and biogas. Co-operation with Mari deals with circular economy and development of ecosystems, e.g. in the plastic sector.

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In addition, we co-operate with CO2esto.


CO2esto Oy

CO2esto, founded by VTT’s current and former experts, is a company focused on cost-effective climate change mitigation efforts. CO2esto has a unique greenhouse gas compensation service that gives the possibility to acquire emission allowances from the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) and to keep them off the market.

With the help of CO2esto and Clonet, every company, organization and individual can act in a carbon neutral manner. service developed by Clonet can be used to calculate the carbon footprint of a company, product or event and emissions can be compensated by using the CO2esto’s CO2 Emission Cutter.

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