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Our carbon footprint labels are the perfect way for you to communicate your efforts! The labels work as a validation of accurate footprints that have been conducted using reliable data and methods, and according to carbon footprint calculation standards.

The Carbon Footprint Label is a voluntary certificate managed by Clonet. The label can be granted to organizations or products whose carbon footprint has been determined or verified by the platform or by a reliable third party.

How can I get certified?

Your product or company can be granted a label if one of the following conditions is met:

  1. The carbon footprint calculation was done using the platform
  2. The carbon footprint calculation was done by Clonet or a partner
  3. The carbon footprint calculation is verified by Clonet or another reliable third party
    Find out more about the terms and conditions of the labels.

Let the stakeholders know your efforts

Three different labels tell three different stories.

The ‘Carbon Footprint Calculated’ label shows that the footprint of a product or company has been calculated and certified. The ‘Carbon Footprint’ label shows that the footprint of a product or company has been calculated and certified. It displays the emission level of the footprint. The ‘Carbon Neutral’ label indicates that the product or company footprint has been reduced and that any outstanding emissions have been offset by a reliable service provider.

Carbon footprint label
Carbon footprint calculated
Carbon neutral partners

Our partner in carbon footprint calculations

With Zero for Travel, Ramboll offers an easy service package for carbon footprint calculation and carbon roadmap creation. A major challenge – and opportunity – is the development of low-carbon forms and services of tourism. Calculating the carbon footprint provides a company with relevant and accurate information on their current climate impact. Based on this baseline, the main areas for emission reduction can be defined and a roadmap towards a lower climate impact can be created.

The Zero for Travel service includes GHG Protocol compliant carbon footprint calculations from a tourism perspective (Scope 1-2 and Scope 3 as agreed), a proposal of actions and the creation of the low-carbon roadmap. Ramboll utilizes the PRO user right and all calculations done with it can be granted the ‘Carbon Footprint’ label.

For more information: Heikki Surakka, p. 050 341 7919, heikki.surakka(a)

Our partner in third-party verification of emission data

DNV is an independent expert in assurance and risk management. DNV uses its knowledge to advance safety and performance, set industry benchmarks, and inspire and invent solutions to tackle global transformations such as climate change.

Verification of GHG emissions calculations is recommended by many standards and initiatives, such as GHG Protocol, GRI, and CDP. DNV provides third-party verification that strengthens stakeholder confidence in the relevance, completeness, and accuracy of publicly disclosed information.

For more information:

Our partner in emission reduction  

Hukka AI’s tool helps professional kitchens measure, analyze and reduce food waste. Minimizing food waste is an essential part of reducing the carbon footprint of an organization and combating climate change. Hukka is a SaaS solution that requires no other investments. The calculation is carried out with existing solutions.

Together, Hukka and Clonet will help organizations reduce their food waste carbon footprint and minimize their climate change impact.

Tuure Karhu, tuure(a), +358 505525263.

Our partner in carbon footprint compensation


CO2esto is a company focused on cost-effective climate change mitigation measures that was founded by the current and former experts of VTT. CO2esto has a unique greenhouse gas compensation service that operates through the EU Emissions Trading System. Purchasing emission allowances prevents the corresponding amount from being emitted by the plants in the EU ETS.

With the cooperation of CO2esto and Clonet, every organization can operate carbon neutrally. The carbon footprint of a company, product or event can be calculated with the platform and compensated for with the CO2esto service. The ‘Carbon Neutral’ label is granted to carbon neutral companies and products.

For more information: info(a)

Our partner in content creation


flyAR Augmented Reality Studio specializes in interactive and 3D augmented reality productions. The company produces customized solutions using the best and most appropriate tools and software in the industry.

FlyAR produces infographics for the carbon footprint labels, which can be used to illustrate the distribution of emissions by emission source. Infographics can be linked to a carbon footprint label using a QR code.

For more information: Franc Tihveräinen, CEO, co-founder, frans(a)

Are you interested in the Carbon Footprint Label?

Contact our specialist to discuss how the Carbon Footprint Label can be granted to your organization or product.

Clonet, Sari Siitonen

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