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Clonet – your partner at all stages of your climate journey

Our focal point is on helping our clients find climate-friendly solutions. We help organization of all sizes and in all industries determine their footprint, set reduction targets and execute emission reduction plans. From carbon footprinting and labeling to climate training and advisory services—we offer all the tools and support needed to develop a more sustainable business model and to enhance the carbon handprint.

Carbon Footprint Calculation Platform

The platform allows you to determine carbon footprints, track emission development and set emission reduction measures. With our platform you can reliably and easily calculate the footprint of organizations, products, services and events. The database contains more than 2700 carefully curated emission factors for your use.

Carbon Footprint Labelling

The carbon footprint labels are the perfect way to communicate your efforts! The labels work as a validation of accurate footprints that have been conducted using reliable data and methods, and according to carbon footprint calculation standards. The labels can be granted to an organization or product.

Carbon footprint calculation and advisory services

We offer support for all stages of your journey towards a more climate-friendly business. Our services include establishing the baseline, carbon footprinting, planning climate strategy, executing emission reduction plans, developing low-carbon products and services, and emission monitoring.


We provide training for organizations of all sizes and at all stages of the climate journey, whether you’re just getting started or wanting to take your climate commitment to the next level. Choose from one of our ready-made programs or contact us for tailored workshops and programs.

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