Skip to content Footprint platform is a carbon footprint platform that allows you to determine carbon footprints, track emission development and set emission reduction measures. With our platform you can reliably calculate the footprints of organizations, products, services and events.

Catered to your needs

We will help you select the right tools to suit the needs of your organization. We offer a comprehensive PRO subscription or tailored emission calculators. Both options allow for limitless calculations.

The PRO subscription gives access to all of the tools and the extensive emissions factor database of the platform. The tools include calculators for determining both carbon footprint and handprint as well as emission scenario and monitoring instruments. We recommend this option for those who are familiar with emission calculating principles and standards.

We also provide emission calculators that can be tailored for a specific industry, company or product range. With a tailored calculator it is easy for anyone to identify the emissions of a product, meal or service. We recommend this choice for small and medium sized organizations that need to provide emission data to their customers, financiers and other stakeholders.

If neither sound like a suitable fit for your organization, you can always outsource the carbon footprint calculation to us.

A reliable tool for carbon footprinting

The calculators are created by Clonet Oy, and they are based on the most well-known and widely used standards and practices such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14 067.

The extensive database contains approximately 2700 emission factors for various products and services. We carefully curate emission factors from only the best available data sources, such as research institute publications and scientific articles. Some are directly from companies that have conducted carbon footprint calculations for their product or service. We are continuously expanding our database and bimonthly update new emission factors to the platform.

Contact us

We are happy to help you find the best way to calculate your organization’s, product’s or service’s carbon footprint.


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