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Carbon footprinting and advisory services

We offer support for all stages of your journey towards a more climate-friendly business. Our services include establishing the baseline, carbon footprinting, planning climate strategy, executing emission reduction plans, developing low-carbon products and services, and emission monitoring.

Establishing the baseline and setting targets

We help our clients identify the best methods to embed sustainability throughout their business strategy. After defining your organization’s starting point, we will support you in define ambitious but feasible targets that are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Carbon footprinting

In order to target climate actions effectively, we help determine the carbon footprint of a company or its products and services. Our calculations are based on the most well-known and widely used standards and practices such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14 067. All of our calculations are done on – our carbon footprint platform.

Implementing solutions and Monitoring progress

We help identify the most effective ways to reduce emissions. If needed, we will help you find a reliable partner to offset the emissions that cannot be further reduced. We provide support in emission monitoring and help your organization through all phases of a low-carbon transformation.

Verifying footprint calculations

To provide credibility and reassure stakeholders that the carbon footprint of your organization, product or service is accurate, you can get your footprint verified by us. Footprints that we verify and/or calculate are certified with the Carbon Footprint Label.

Determining a positive handprint

Do you wish to find out the positive climate impact of your service or product? We can help you determine the carbon handprint and make comparisons to other available products and services. We also offer support in developing carbon-neutral products and services.

Developing sustainability expertise

We provide training for organizations of all sizes and stages of their sustainability journey, whether you’re just getting started or you’re wanting to take your climate commitment to the next level. Choose from one of our ready-made programs or contact us for tailored workshops and programs.

Contact us

Contact our expert or fill in the contact form to discuss how we can help in your low-carbon transformation.

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